Leave in kerala service rules

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GOVERNMENT OF KERALA - :: Welcome to the official website of ... THE KERALA SERVICE RULES PART I PAY, LEAVE, JOINING TIME, ETC. CHAPTER I GENERAL SCOPE 1. (i) These rules may be called the Kerala Service Rules.
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ORDER - Kerala Government Optometrists' Association government of kerala abstract kerala service rules - enhancement of maternty leave under rule 100 part i kerala service rules upto 180days and introduc-
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THE KERALA SERVICE RULES - :: Welcome to the official website ... Persons governed by the Kerala Service Rules who were on leave on the crucial date, i.e. 1st November 1959, the leave
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NOTE ON KERAL SERVICE RULES The Kerala Service Rules ... @ 10 % respectively of the maximum of the scale of pay of the officer should be remitted to Government as cost of service. No leave ...
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GOVERNMENT OF KERALA - www.forest.kerala.gov.in government of kerala abstract leave -- kerala service rules –casual leave / special casual leave --- --- appendix vii kerala service rules —amendment
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GOVERNMENT OF KERALA government of kerala abstract kerala service rules--- leave --- maternity leave to provisional female recruits and female officers appointed
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Kerala Service Rules Part III Title: Kerala Service Rules Part III Author: Manju Last modified by: IMG Computer Centre Created Date: 1/18/2008 4:34:00 AM Other titles: Kerala Service Rules Part III
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DIES NON –QUALIFYING SERVICE FOR PENSION AND … ... Department, Trivandrum, Kerala Staste. Sub: Public Service- Strikes and other ... being counted for leave. ... under Rule 14-A Kerala Service Rules, ...
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7.1 LEAVE RULES 7.1 LEAVE RULES 7.1.1. ... Where the staff granted commuted leave quits service voluntarily without returning to duty, the commuted leave shall be treated as HPL
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NOTES ON KERALA SERVICE RULES Part The Kerala Service Rules were issued by the Governor of Kerala under the powers ... cost of service. 9. No leave salary contribution will be realized for an officer ...
http://khsmsaernakulam.org/admin/tutorials/k s r 1.pdf
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ORDER - Kerala Livestock Inspectors' Association the register of special leave refered to in the Goverment decision below Rule 106, Part I, Kerala Service Rules. (v) If Paternity leave is not availed of within the ...
http://www.kliaonline.org/paternity l.pdf
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FORM T - Department of Zoology ... (Kerala) Rules] ... of subscription such as “Proceeded on leave”, “Transferred to …………Office …….District”, “Quitted Service”, ...
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GOVERNMENT OF KERALA government of kerala abstract rule s-kerala service rules --- rule i under the heading “section ii--special casual leave” - appendix vii kerala service rules ---
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Kerala State & Subordinate Service Rules 1958 Kerala State & Subordinate Service Rules 1958 Kerala State & Subordinate Service Rules ... Leave vacancies and vacancies of less than 6 months duration shall be
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KERALA STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD - KEECINTUC Leave without Allowance (for employment abroad/ joining spouse). ... Account Test (Lower) Kerala Service Rules. for the Ministerial and. Executive Staff of KSEB.
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KERALA STATE AND SUBORDINATE SERVICES RULES, 1958 ... the Madras Leave Rules, 1933, Kerala Service Rules and the Pension Rules for the time being in force shall, in so far as they may be applicable and except to ...
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www.itmission.kerala.gov.in Foreign service : Service rules applicable : Rate of monthly contributions . provisionally fixed under rule : (a) Leave salary : (b) Pension : when lent ...
http://www.itmission.kerala.gov.in/pdf/statement-under-the-rules-144-ksr part-i.doc
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Leave rules - Jamia Hamdard LEAVE RULES FOR PERMANENT TEACHING, NON-TEACHING AND ... 4.7 Where an employee granted commuted leave quits service voluntarily without returning to duty, ...
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C1 KERALA STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD 2 GOVERNMENT OF KERALA Kerala Service Rules – Grant of Leave Without Allowance under Appendix XII A and XII C before completion of probation – G.O (P) No.161/2008 ...
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THE.KERALA STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD RULES r: ~,-.::- (, service and the Chairman/Member shall cease to retain a lien on his permanent post or any other post during the period of such leave". [Vide Notification No. 14991/E1.
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