Poem with ee and ea words

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Long ee or ea - Skills Workshop ... (for /ee/ and /ea/) that I used with two slightly higher level learners within the group, ... to write a short rhyming poem using some ‘eewords from the cards
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poems with ee ea ey - Bing For example - for the digraph "EE" there are the following words: feel, free, ... EE and EA - teachapedia ... What Is Ee Ea Poem at Askives - Askives - Answers to ...
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Poem 01x - eLearning Resources Use the –ee - words to fill in. ... Now make up your own poem. Use one or more of these –ea- words in each line. E.g. I like to dream on a seat in the park.
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www.cape.k12.mo.us Reread the poem and emphasize the words. Feelings. How does the poem make you feel? Why? ... ee, -ea, - oa, - oo, ai) Vowel . Dipthongs.
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ea exception 1 - Cando's Helper Page! ... ai ay ee ea oa oe ow ie ui ue ... digraph rule for ea. Directions: ... Mike _____ a poem. 7.
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poem for vowel team ai - Bing E Vowel Teams : Vowel Digraph ee and ea. ee and ea Sort Directions. Vowel Teams Poem/Song : Bingo for ee, ... free automatic writing poem. Poems with ai and ay words .
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www.pps.k12.or.us Talk about the different spelling patterns that make the long E sound in each word (i.e. ‘ee’ or ‘ea’) ... High Frequency Words “As we reread the poem ...
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www.pps.k12.or.us Poem of the Week/Guided ... (i.e. ‘ee’ or ‘ea ... “As we reread the poem together, listen carefully to hear the rhyming words as well as the rhythmic ...
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Vowel Patterns - Sound City Reading ea/eat ... use this sound to read new words and sentences. ... Relate each pattern to a word, poem, or story, and reinforce it with
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Long e: ea, ee, ie - Zaner-Bloser ... ea, ee, ie Connections to Thinking ... Proofread a Poem ¥ Write a Poem Extend & Transfer ... Replace Words ¥ Use Antonyms ¥ Use the Thesaurus
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Use a pink highlighter to code all words that have blends ... all words that have vowel digraphs (-ee, -ea, -oa, -oo, ai) Use a orange highlighter to code all words that have ... Put the poem back
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2ndGradeOpenCourtMap - Home - Seaford School District ... ... ea, ee /oo/ Spelled oo. ... Compound Words /m/ Spelled mb /e/ Spelled ea. Short-Vowel Review. ... Poetry Writing: Free-Verse Poem. Verb Tenses
http://agi.seaford.k12.de.us/sites/elemshare/2nd grade/reading/unit 1 sharing stories/unit opener/2ndgradeopencourtmap.doc
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ai ea ay ee ai ay - Oregon Reading First Center ai ea ay ee ai ay Grade 1, Theme 6 ... Rain Day (accompanies Red-Eyed Tree Frog) -- Regular Words Using Target Skills rain day tail may play rain Grade 1, Theme 6 ...
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E-a as in Eagle - Voyager Learning ... Cc, d, ea, ee, h, i, m, n, r, t Pattern Words: hid-did, an-can, eat-meat, near-hear, rat, ran, and Tricky Words: as, has, was, ... Letter/Sound Association: ea Poem
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First Grade Lesson Plans Word Blend long e,ee, ea Blend and read the words he, heel, and heat. ... Generate Sound Words from the poem. RF 2c Syllable Segmentation *Phonemic Awareness.
http://images.pcmac.org/sisfiles/schools/nc/bladencounty/plainviewprimary/uploads/documentscategories/documents/a bed full of cats.doc february 4-8 2013.doc
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Nouns - SchoolWorld an Edline Solution Action Words - Read the poem with fluency ... words that have vowel digraphs (-ee, -ea, -oa, -oo, ai) Vowel Dipthongs Use a orange marker to code all words that have
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Lewisham Literacy Strategy Medium Term Plan ... (poet, poem, verse, rhyme, etc.) and referring to the language of the poems; ... (ee, ea (long) ) 10 new words from reading linked to particular topics, ...
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Phonics Smartboard Lesson Long ee 1st Grade ... and find the "ee" words in the poem. Also, the bingo ... For the next lesson, we will work with the students on the long "e" sound spelled with an "ea."
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Use a pink highlighter to code all words that have blends ... ... (-ee, -ea, -oa, -oo, ai) ... Put the poem back ... Create a title for your poem. Replace the underlined words with a word that has the same
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Magic E Rule - Busy Teacher's Cafe ee tree ea beach ie pie oa boat oe toe ue glue Vowel Team Rule: When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking! The first vowel says it’s name!
http://www.busyteacherscafe.com/worksheets/mini_offices/vowel chart.pdf
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